May 28, 2017

Recipe: Chinese-Style Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

I'm not even going to pretend that this is an authentic Chinese recipe. No, this is 100% Americanized Chinese-inspired food prepared by someone who has absolutely 0 qualification to make Chinese food.

...but if you like Americanized Chinese food and you want a simple weeknight dinner recipe that's healthier than takeout, but still a crowd-pleaser, it's a hit!

Chinese Food Copycat Recipes

Just get some rice boiling before you start cooking the chicken and the whole meal will come together in less than thirty minutes! So that reading this recipe post doesn't take longer than actually making the recipe, I'm going to jump right in.

May 20, 2017

Recipe: Crispy Coconut Kale

Kale can be very hit or miss and it's one of the most controversial vegetables out there. On the one hand, you have Those People who buy $7 bags of kale chips (with only two servings per bag) and wear Yale-inspired 'KALE' sweaters. On the other hand, you have the people who make taunting faces at bags of kale in the grocery store.

Yes, this is a thing that I have seen. Welcome to New York, city of characters.

Anyway, even for the most kale-adverse person out there, here's a surefire way to make the curly green enjoyable! It's crispy, it's spicy, it's flavorful, it's green and coconutty: 

Quick and easy kale

It's hipster crack.

How to cook kale

Another photo, because yum.

It's also super easy to make! I served it with coconut jasmine rice, roasted salmon, and roasted okinawan sweet potatoes for my first hosted dinner in my new (awesome) Upper West Side apartment. I must get around to writing up those recipes, as well, because the meal was a hit, but this crispy coconut kale was so good that I simply must share it NOW. Without further ado, here's the recipe.

May 11, 2017

How to Survive a Busy Workweek

I love startups. Anyone who knows me at all, much less middling well, knows this. Just this past November, I embarked upon my most exciting startup adventure yet - working at Forkable!

I first expressed interest as a content editor and restaurant scout, but joined the team as the general manager of Forkable's Boston Market. Within a few months, I took on management of Forkable's DC market and social media efforts. Just last week, in response to some changes to the team, I also took on Forkable's LA and Seattle markets. This week, one of my coworkers is on vacation and so I'm also running the NYC market!

How to deal with work stress

Phew. Thank goodness, NYC goes back into my coworker's very capable hands next week and I will breathe easier for it. But since I'm holding onto LA and Seattle, in addition to Boston and DC, for the next two or so months, I still have a lot on my plate!

When there's so much work and so much to keep track of, it's really easy to feel overwhelmed. I won't pretend that I'm immune to work stress - the thought of running four markets at once is still daunting to me whenever I step back and think about it! But caving in under the pressure or pulling my hair out with stress isn't good for me, it isn't good for the company, and it isn't good for our customers, who have entrusted us with their lunches. Instead, here's how I stay (relatively) sane and calm through the madness.

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